Friday, December 14, 2012

Vitamin C and Zinc for the Common Cold

Tis the season for many of us to start getting the sniffles, cough, and sore throats so I thought this would be the time to help others help themselves to getting better. 

Whether you are working or not we all come into contact with people so our chances of catching the common cold or flu is something hard to hide from.  What is not commonly known is that both Vitamin C and Zinc can work together to boost your immune system. Vitamin C and Zinc can be taken in larger dosages during an illness and excess of either will be voided(exited) from the body.  

Vitamin C with a cold or flu is best taken in the morning and noon after a meal as to not upset the stomach.  To fight an illness 2,000 mg in the morning and noon along with drinking orange juice will kick start you to getting better. 

Zinc can be taken morning, noon, and night after a meal. A suggestion of three 50 mg of Zinc after a meal during illness speeds up healing.

Vitamin C sources are fruits, broccoli, potatoes , green peppers, spinach, cabbage, and those are just to name a few.

Zinc is a Mineral and food sources for it are seafood, beef, whole grains, soybeans, lentils, chicken, and mushrooms to start.

My hope is that you add to your daily regimen Vitamin C (1,000 mg) at least and Zinc (50 mg) to help you stay healthy. 

It is always good to consult a physician or naturopathic doctor when starting anything new or if you have questions. 

The information that I have just given you is out of my book "Nutrition Made Simple" which is very reader friendly and a great resource for all.

Hoping that you all have a wonderful holiday and share this information with your friends, co-workers, and relatives so that we all can stay healthier!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Communication in Relationships

I recently had a chance to talk to man who shared with me that his wife left him after many years spent together and that he would ask her what it is that she wanted from him. He stated all she would say is "you should already know what I want.  Ladies I hate to break it to you, but men are not mind readers no matter how much we would like them to be that for us. The movie with Mel Gibson in "What Women Want" is fiction...

Communication is key. There is not a way to get around communicating with your partner whether they are male or female. In relationships it is easy to let the ball drop and not pick it up as fast as you would have when you first met, but there are many ways to get that relationship back to where you both are satisfied.  This is the reason why I wrote Men... It's time to get a CLUE! because there are very few mind readers in this world and even though it is scary to open up and share what your needs are it is a far cry better than keeping a closed mouth.  I used to feel that as a woman men should already know what I want, but they really don't! Each of us are uniquely different and what works for one person may not for another, so they are scared to make a mistake that will turn us away from them.

I've spoken with a lot of men and women of what they needed from their partners to make it work, but both had a hard time verbalizing those needs to their partner. It's funny that we can tell our close friends what is wrong but the person who needs to hear it the most is left wondering what it is that will make us happy.

This book does a lot of the talking for you and hopefully will open up that door to talking more freely. It will hopefully make you appreciate the good things that they do and leaving the book in the bathroom or table without saying anything is a good way to start. Many women have even bought the book for their girlfriends as a confirmation as it is written in a light non aggressive manner that hits on all the hot topics.  Men have said after reading it themselves that they saw some of their partners in this so it's not one sided. Either way, both have seen and experienced more warmth after reading it and applying it.

Here's one fun tip to keep it from getting boring - get a half dollar and keep it with you so that when you both cannot make up your mind on a restaurant or movie, etc. ... Flip the coin and just go with it. Be impulsive and go with the flow.  It takes the stress out of it and is freeing for both. Live on the edge! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

This is a page from my Nutrition Made Simple book that is available at both Barnes & Nobles and Amazon in both ebook and print. The reason I thought of sharing a page is that it is easier to show people by an example.  Each Vitamin, Mineral, Trace Element, and more that is in my book is set up this way so that it is easy to see what food goes with what Vitamin, functions of the body it helps with, and deficiencies (SYMPTOMS) which is how the body expresses itself if it is not getting enough.  I was sooo.... tired of reading multiple books, pamphlets, and more while I was researching that I didn't want it to be a treasure hunt for others searching for the same information. I made it simple and easy.  My whole book is like this and makes it easy to make a grocery list, check out your own symptoms, and start becoming healthier!  For information about this book, other books, and/or to contact Click on picture for better detail. Thank you! :-)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mid Morning Radio Interview

Play the mp3 on this page to hear my interview. I'm hoping this reaches out to you or to those you may know who may need this information.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

PMS.... I'm here to help!

This post is to help those suffering from PMS and to offer some help in how to cope through those days of none comfort. 

The women in my own family have had a history of PMS with terrible headaches, bloating, problems sleeping, irritability, and more.  The best advice my own father gave me was to take care of myself so that way I would feel better and so no one would be able to guess what time of the month it was.  Relationships suffer during this time and though I do believe that men have their own certain something going on it's not fair to behave badly if you have some alternatives.

Here is what the doctor told me that helped - 7 days prior to PMS is to take an Ibprofen each day along with Calcium.  I try to take Calcium daily as it also helps me to have a great nights sleep because it naturally relaxes me.

What my mother shared with me is to take a B complex (moods) daily, Magnesium, drink lots of water(lessens water retention), and eat bananas.  Bananas are a great source of Potassium.

So what did I do? Funny you should ask! I did all of the above! I normally take a Multi-Vitamin, Magnesium, Potasssium, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A.  I also, in the morning take 3,000 Mg of Vitamin C as it keeps the immune system going and helps my allergies.   I don't take the Vitamin C at night as it would keep me up.

On the worst day, I would take a muscle relaxer(over the counter) and 2 Ibprofens.  This would take the edge off and I could actually smile in the midst of it.

Guys this is information to be treasured as this helps more than words!  Ladies I believe in keeping them guessing!

I have more information about Vitamins, Minerals, Foods to eat to help lessen symptoms and more on my website  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Handling Consequences with Children

This post is about how to handle consequences with children when they are caught doing something they shouldn't. Before, during, and after writing "Correcting Learning & Behavioral Disorders Naturally" how to handle your child who reacts and loses control when they are being punished for doing something they shouldn't have led many parents to run away and hide themselves! There have been many times that is what I wanted to do, but what I learned is that when your child has done something they shouldn't the way to approach this whether your child has a disorder or not is... to tell the child the following:
 1. what you did was wrong and why (do not fall into the trap of them trying to turn it around on you)it was there choice and you physically did not make them make that wrong choice
2. hopefully you have learned that what you did was wrong, but if you make that mistake again you will have to choose between two punishments. Depending upon how your child reacts it is up to you to tell them the two punishments that they will have to choose from.
 3.  FOLLOW THROUGH! If they react like it doesn't matter, it does so don't fall for that.
Many children whether they have disorders or not have learned how to push your buttons and it is only through follow through that they gain respect for you.  If your child does have disorders than it is through mega vitamin therapy and anti spasmodic herbs that your child will start to be able to gain more control over themselves making your job easier. I've been there!  It's worth the effort and the rewards are endless...
I hope this helps parents out there that are struggling on why their child over reacts when disciplined.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Vitamin D Deficiency

Today's topic is Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption, mineral deposits in bones and teeth, and much more. A great source for Vitamin D is egg yolks, fatty fish, butter, fortified milk, and our least favorite cod liver oil. I take a D3 1000mg a day and also eat 3 eggs in the morning. Some of the symptoms for this deficiency are nervousness,diarrhea, inability to sleep good (insomnia), and burning sensation in the mouth and throat. What is really important is to catch this early in children because for them it can result in bone deformation. When I wrote my book Nutrition Made Simple I did not realize that it would be a fundamental tool for me in addressing my own syptoms but also those of family and friends. I'll be mixing up my blogs addressing various topics that are in my three books that I'm asked about. I'm hoping that you will enjoy reading them, getting answers you've wondered about, and I can be helpful in making your day a better one.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Healing takes time and it starts on the inside first

Updated website

I've been busy doing a lot of updating in preparation for the Morning Drive Radio Tour that I will be doing next month and if you have the time please give some feedback as to how you like the website. I will be getting more active with my posts again as things are starting to flow a bit easier now. Thank you for your patience and understanding. The website is

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nature Made Simple discussing Zinc

Just looked at my Nature Made Simple book and was just having a bit of fun looking at the symptoms of various Vitamins, etc. Did you know that if you don't take enough Zinc that you could have a couple of these symtoms? Zinc is a Mineral. Without enough Zinc you have delayed wound healing, delayed sexual response, fatique, and much more! It's great for carbohydrate digestion! Available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Men... It's Time To Get A CLUE! How to keep your woman from looking towards greener pastures

I have been in the public for years and this gives insight into what people are wanting. Men have told me that they wish women would open up about what they want and how frustrated they are. Women have told me that they are frustrated that the men in their lives just don't get it. They feel what they want should just be common knowlege.  After hearing a lot of this and experiencing some of these things in a few of my own past relationships I realized that there was a need for this book.  It is written in a very fun and non threatening way that I have had many men just gravitate to it. Whether men see themselves or women it is a good way to jumpstart the relationship to a happier level.

Nutrition Made Simple

This book goes into detail about Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements, Cell Salts, Proteins, and Carbohydrates. What this book gives you is a break down for each Vitamin, etc. the food sources to eat, how your body will act and what functions are involved when it is healthy, and deficiencies (symptoms) explaining how your body will react when there is not enough in your system.  There is a page that shares how to apply this knowledge. Great book!

Correcting Learning & Behavioral Disorders Naturally!

This book goes into much needed detail about diagnosis, tests, misdiagnosis, therapies, nutrition, ADHD, ADD, AUTISM, TOURETTES, and much more. These were things that I wanted to know and are written in an easy to read format. There is also my story of how my research began...

These are the books that I have recently published and are going global! They are all available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble in book and ebook