Thursday, November 8, 2012

This is a page from my Nutrition Made Simple book that is available at both Barnes & Nobles and Amazon in both ebook and print. The reason I thought of sharing a page is that it is easier to show people by an example.  Each Vitamin, Mineral, Trace Element, and more that is in my book is set up this way so that it is easy to see what food goes with what Vitamin, functions of the body it helps with, and deficiencies (SYMPTOMS) which is how the body expresses itself if it is not getting enough.  I was sooo.... tired of reading multiple books, pamphlets, and more while I was researching that I didn't want it to be a treasure hunt for others searching for the same information. I made it simple and easy.  My whole book is like this and makes it easy to make a grocery list, check out your own symptoms, and start becoming healthier!  For information about this book, other books, and/or to contact Click on picture for better detail. Thank you! :-)

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