Friday, September 25, 2015

Can Supplements be taken to Help Anger... YES!

 Here is a link to a great article, but it does not share all the Vitamins, Minerals, and More! (just plugged my book, ebook, and app) but it's true!  This is just one more article that makes us more aware that what we are deficient of in food or Vitamin/Mineral can make a big change in how we act and view the world.   It's not hard to take a Vitamin/Mineral or just add some of the food that is associated with them to begin the process of becoming less deficient and feeling better!

Monday, September 14, 2015

It's all about the herbs!

Herbs have been very important since the first time my son and I branched
out into the unknown territory of natural alternatives. We knew that by putting
back into the body what was deficient that the symptoms over a period of time
would lessen, but in the meantime we still had to deal with them. Prescription drugs
suppress the symptoms, but in a short period of time they recur. When we use
herbs to work with the symptoms, they rarely have side effects and generally always
work with the body, not against it.
The herbal drops (smart longevity and amps 2) work together to decrease
hyperactivity, increase attention span, and work with the blood flow to the brain.
We initially decreased the prescription drugs and increased the natural drops so
that my son's body didn’t go through any kind of shock. This took time but the
rewards for taking the time and being consistent are endless. The compulsive
behavior and the aggression still had to be addressed so we added Valerian Root,
Kava Kava, and St. John’s Wort. These herbs are considered controversial for
some individuals but in other countries they have been used for hundreds of years,
even in hospitals. The three herbs listed above, provides a considerable amount of
control and better attitude was displayed without altering my son’s personality in
any type of derogatory manner. His appetite increased and he gained much needed
weight along with the developing better self-esteem.
I have noticed that by adding the above herbs to our program we are both
able to cope better with situations and people with whom we come in contact.
During the allergy season herbal teas lessen hyperactivity often displayed during
this season. It calms both of us and helps in sleep.
Herbs will be listed along with their uses to increase your knowledge and for
later application on the following page. I included examples of teas that we use
and a list of what you will need so that you can do this yourself at home.
Remember that it is always advisable to consult a knowledgeable physician
before implementing something new into your existing program.
Herbs -
Catnip - used to relax and soothe, has been known to be used instead
of marijuana, great in teas for insomnia.
Chamomile - helps you rest and eases crankiness
Valerian root - has been used to treat epilepsy brought on by strong
emotions, helps reduce insomnia, soothes anxiety, and lowers blood
Vervain - relieves nervousness,
Sweet marjoram - soothes nerves
Lavender - relaxes
Motherwort - eases insomnia, jittery nerves, anxiety
Passionflower - eases emotional turmoil, insomnia, headaches, relieves
muscular and nervous tension, and a natural sedative
Skullcap - brings about calming effect, counteracts antispasmodic
properties, relieves muscle tension caused by stress
St. John’s Wort - relieves depression, emotional problems, and
Rosemary - eases nervous tension and defuses tension headaches
Hawthorne - opens coronary arteries improving blood flow to the
Ginseng - normalizes out of whack body functions,
Licorice - used as a neutralizer in many herbal teas, anti
inflammatory, anti viral, and has anti allergic compounds
Peppermint - natural sedative and tastes great in teas
Spearmint - natural sedative and tastes great in teas
Comfrey root - used in other countries to help soothe nerves, promotes
growth of healthy cells, and provides a source of B12
Things needed to make tea:
coffee filter
tea kettle
Calming tea
½ teaspoon peppermint(or spearmint)
½ teaspoon catnip
1 teaspoon honey
makes approximately two cups
Compulsive behavior
¼ teaspoon valerian root
¼ teaspoon catnip
¼ teaspoon licorice
¼ teaspoon passionflower
¼ teaspoon scullcap
1 teaspoon honey
makes approximately two to three cups
Children’s happy sleep
1 teaspoon Spearmint (or Peppermint)
1 cup milk
1 cookie
¼ teaspoon feverfew
¼ teaspoon rosemary
¼ teaspoon passionflower
1 teaspoon honey
Place herbs in coffee filter and twist tight
Take twister and twist/seal
Place into one cup of water (or milk) - microwave for 3 minutes and
let stand or boil in tea kettle with two cups of water and boil
approximately 5 minutes and let stand)
Add honey last