Friday, October 26, 2012

Mid Morning Radio Interview

Play the mp3 on this page to hear my interview. I'm hoping this reaches out to you or to those you may know who may need this information.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

PMS.... I'm here to help!

This post is to help those suffering from PMS and to offer some help in how to cope through those days of none comfort. 

The women in my own family have had a history of PMS with terrible headaches, bloating, problems sleeping, irritability, and more.  The best advice my own father gave me was to take care of myself so that way I would feel better and so no one would be able to guess what time of the month it was.  Relationships suffer during this time and though I do believe that men have their own certain something going on it's not fair to behave badly if you have some alternatives.

Here is what the doctor told me that helped - 7 days prior to PMS is to take an Ibprofen each day along with Calcium.  I try to take Calcium daily as it also helps me to have a great nights sleep because it naturally relaxes me.

What my mother shared with me is to take a B complex (moods) daily, Magnesium, drink lots of water(lessens water retention), and eat bananas.  Bananas are a great source of Potassium.

So what did I do? Funny you should ask! I did all of the above! I normally take a Multi-Vitamin, Magnesium, Potasssium, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A.  I also, in the morning take 3,000 Mg of Vitamin C as it keeps the immune system going and helps my allergies.   I don't take the Vitamin C at night as it would keep me up.

On the worst day, I would take a muscle relaxer(over the counter) and 2 Ibprofens.  This would take the edge off and I could actually smile in the midst of it.

Guys this is information to be treasured as this helps more than words!  Ladies I believe in keeping them guessing!

I have more information about Vitamins, Minerals, Foods to eat to help lessen symptoms and more on my website  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Handling Consequences with Children

This post is about how to handle consequences with children when they are caught doing something they shouldn't. Before, during, and after writing "Correcting Learning & Behavioral Disorders Naturally" how to handle your child who reacts and loses control when they are being punished for doing something they shouldn't have led many parents to run away and hide themselves! There have been many times that is what I wanted to do, but what I learned is that when your child has done something they shouldn't the way to approach this whether your child has a disorder or not is... to tell the child the following:
 1. what you did was wrong and why (do not fall into the trap of them trying to turn it around on you)it was there choice and you physically did not make them make that wrong choice
2. hopefully you have learned that what you did was wrong, but if you make that mistake again you will have to choose between two punishments. Depending upon how your child reacts it is up to you to tell them the two punishments that they will have to choose from.
 3.  FOLLOW THROUGH! If they react like it doesn't matter, it does so don't fall for that.
Many children whether they have disorders or not have learned how to push your buttons and it is only through follow through that they gain respect for you.  If your child does have disorders than it is through mega vitamin therapy and anti spasmodic herbs that your child will start to be able to gain more control over themselves making your job easier. I've been there!  It's worth the effort and the rewards are endless...
I hope this helps parents out there that are struggling on why their child over reacts when disciplined.