Friday, September 21, 2012

Vitamin D Deficiency

Today's topic is Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption, mineral deposits in bones and teeth, and much more. A great source for Vitamin D is egg yolks, fatty fish, butter, fortified milk, and our least favorite cod liver oil. I take a D3 1000mg a day and also eat 3 eggs in the morning. Some of the symptoms for this deficiency are nervousness,diarrhea, inability to sleep good (insomnia), and burning sensation in the mouth and throat. What is really important is to catch this early in children because for them it can result in bone deformation. When I wrote my book Nutrition Made Simple I did not realize that it would be a fundamental tool for me in addressing my own syptoms but also those of family and friends. I'll be mixing up my blogs addressing various topics that are in my three books that I'm asked about. I'm hoping that you will enjoy reading them, getting answers you've wondered about, and I can be helpful in making your day a better one.

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