Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama and Eating Healthy

Recently sent my Nutrition Made Simple book and Correcting Learning &Behavioral Disorders Naturally to the White House with attention to First Lady Michelle Obama. On the White House website First Lady Michelle Obama has a page dedicated to the education of eating correctly along with exercise. I have sent them where a signature is required and it is in D.C., but no one has signed for it yet. I believe that not only should we do our best to eat correctly but also to know the reasons why we should eat a particular food. Knowledge is empowering and gives us reasons to follow through eating right other than hearing it is what you should do. I am very surprised that this knowledge is not made part of the curriculum of learning while in school.
I can not count the number of times I have been asked to share the information that I researched for common ailments along with learning/behavioral disorders. Wish me luck and place me in your prayers please that this information gets to all the places and individuals that it. It is the people who care that make this all worth while...

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