Saturday, February 27, 2016

Knowing your body, Seeking Answers, Finding solutions, Getting Results!

Haven't been on in a while since I've been trying to get my own body straightened out. I found out my Adrenals were almost non existent, Iodine deficient, and found out my hormones were about the same. I am going to get back into the gym as need to tone up. I'm about the same weight but am also taking nutritional supplements for my adrenals, hormonal cream to correct, and Iodine daily so that's a step in the right direction.  I was given some vitamins and shake packets for Christmas by one of my clients. I've just decided to order some as when I took the 2 vitamins and waited 20 minutes then mixed the shake it really filled me up, gave me a lot of energy, and really flushed out my system. I didn't want to eat till later in the afternoon. Plus it really flushed my system out and hadn't seen my stomach flatten like that in a "while"!
I wouldn't have know about the vitamins and shakes but a client gave them to me for Christmas. You can order just yourself or become a promoter as it's the same price either way and it's free to sign up. You do not have to auto renew or any of that. I'm just sharing as this is what I'm adding to my own weight loss management supplementation and I think you'll like the way it makes you feel and results. Just sharing what I'm doing. Here's the link if you want to check it out. I just ordered mine. I didn't sign up for the 8 week premium just the vitamins and shakes.
 As dad used to say " Take what you need and discard the rest".  I've lived by that my whole life and don't ever do anything that feels wrong to you or that you aren't ready for yet.  
My epiphany is - When you get the answers to why you are not feeling good, apply the solutions, and take productive steps forward ~ Life starts to become amazing again!

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