Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nutritional Supplementation at All Ages

I realize that I come across all for natural alternatives to prescription drugs and that is mostly correct.  However, I see where there are circumstances where a prescription drug does the job when it is followed up with nutrition.   My mother is a prime example.  She is now 79 and lives near me, but there was a time when she was living in Florida under my sister's care and she was on medications that basically made her a walking zombie. My sister placed her into an assisted living facility and it was not good. My mother doesn't really remember it. Finally she got into a nice Assisted Living Facility and was blessed to have a doctor and pharmacist that saw she needed a change in her medications along with nutritional supplementation.

  Long story short I took over and moved my mother out where I live and she is living independently.  This is due to the fact that she is taking her prescriptions and a load of vitamins/minerals.    Each person's body is different and has specific needs and sometimes even though the prescription works it leads to deficiencies that have to be met through supplementation.  What is included in my mother's prescription list is Calcium w/D, B complex w/C, D3 1,000, Iron, B12, Fish Oil, and Potasium.  She takes about 2,700 mg of Potassium, but her body will not function right without it. This is where I know that there has to be a balance of feeding the body through diet or supplementation.  The two can work together.

 If my mother had not gotten off the wrong prescriptions and put on the right ones with supplementation she would not be where she is now. I have my mother back in body and mind after many years. It's nice to have her back and it's nice to have her close. This is yet another reason why I wrote my books to share information that everyone can apply.  For those who want to learn more about what foods to eat to decrease symptoms or the Vitamins to take to decrease symptoms. Vitamins, Minerals, and More! Food Groups, Functions of the body, and Deficiencies(Symptoms).  Available at Amazon in paperback, ebook, and app. Barnes & Nobles on ebook.  Apps available for Apple, Google, and Amazon.  Please share so that we all can get healthier in body and mind.  Thank you

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